Why I run workshops

After running a workshop at an Islington school, I got this email from the teacher about a year 3 reluctant writer…

Hi Andrew,

Brooklyn has never been the most enthusiastic of writers however after the  session with you he said:

‘I want to be a writer now’ When asked who inspired him he said ‘Mr Thorn’.

Now he goes to an after school club where he can write stories on the computer nearly every day. He now loves to write and is very enthusiastic!

When he said this it moved me and Kelly (my TA) to tears as he was so enthusiastic and wanted to write more. During our ‘Big Write’ sessions he now writes pages as opposed to half a page. When seeing his story in the completed book he said that ‘I feel happy because I wrote a book and I was proud of my story. I think Mr Thorn the best writer because he made me want to be a writer.’

Many thanks,

Catherine Horton, St Jude & St Paul’s School, Islington

My work is all about inspiring people to express themselves, by gaining inspiration from them in order to write for them, or by inspiring people to take the leap and write for themselves. So thank you, Brooklyn… and well done for moving your teachers to tears. As for me, I’ve just got something in my eye, that’s all 🙂

Picture by Brooklyn